Custom Made Slipcover & Window Treatments

Fabric Washing

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— Chris McBee, Longmont, Co

Fabric Washing Instructions

Slipcovers can easily be removed, when stained or soiled. They can be dry cleaned or laundered at home. How you clean your slipcover will depend on the fabric. It is ok to not pre-wash your fabric! but you will have to dry clean or test a small piece of the fabric for shrinkage before washing. We recommend washing your slipcover only periodically. If you plan to launder your slipcover at home, it is crucial to preshrink (pre-wash) the fabric before we make your slipcover. We pre-wash fabric for $3.00 per yard, or you can pre-wash the fabric yourself.



  • Wash most fabrics in warm wash and warm rinse. Fabric might have to be cut into smaller size pieces

  • Can use oxi clean and or fabric siftener if the fabric is stiff. Dilute fabric softeners as they can spot or streak your fabric. Do a small test pieces

  • Fill washer to largest load size for a full cycle. Add laundery detergent and some fabric softener (if the fabric is stiff) mix with the water before placing the fabric in the washer

  • Wash again with only water


  • Dry fabric on med - high heat to shrink

  • Roll fabric on a tube with the right side to the inside

  • If you don't have a tube, pretend like you have one! Roll it! It is OK to interwine the pieces!

  • Please make sure your fabric is rolled otherwise you will get wrinkles!

Washing your Slipcover

  • It's okto wash your slipcover if the fabric was pre-washed

  • After you have washed it, dry to slightly damp then put the slipcover back on the piece of furniture

  • Straiten it on the furniture and the cushions

  • Zip it up and let it finish drying

If you are interested in a Custom made Slipcover or require more information please contact me here.